Should Poetry Be ‘More Playful’?

June 29, 2012

Noah Berlatsky of the Atlantic claims in this article, “As verse becomes increasingly dry, it’s getting more and more irrelevant.”   Agree or disagree? And..if you agree, is it, as Berlatsky says, “all the fault of the MFA program professionalization of highbrow lit” [...]

Bookstore Spotlight: City Lights (San Francisco, CA)

June 18, 2012

As part of our newest series, TSHS members have been traveling far and wide looking for must-see independent bookstores. Being in San Francisco, you’ll feel rewarded for your diligence as a writer.  The sidewalks are often paved with quotes from poets, words from ancient languages, and [...]

In the Press

March 10, 2012

This February, TSHS members, Elly Bookman, read with fellow fiction writer, Jon Williams in Greensboro, NC.  Only their work could inspire such a poster. To read more of Bookman’s work, check out her prize winning poem “Another Thing I’d Rather Not Know About Myself” in The [...]

When the Cicadas Don’t Come Home

May 13, 2011

What’s Broken by Dorianne Laux : The Poetry Foundation [poem]. Since we have yet to see any of the prophesied cicadas, here’s a summer  poem from Dorianne Laux, on MFA faculty in North Carolina (not too far away from the TSHS) at NC [...]

One Night Café: Edgar Alley Poetry Reading

May 1, 2011

For one evening only, the Tate Street High Society met in Edgar Alley for One-Night Café: a sharing of poems. We brought out a smattering of our favorite books for candle-lit reading.  Here is a list of the poems that were read, some accompanied by quotes from the poems themselves: Old Love by [...]

Write into the (Summer) Night!

April 27, 2011

Summer equals fireflies, gummy worms, a newly planted garden for the Tate Street High Society planted by Messrs. Speen and Sluder, and star-studded corn hole games. Write into the night is back! Pull up your porch swing, swill chilled white wine and ink your penchant for deliciously ripe [...]

Uplifting News for Our Members

November 9, 2010

Highlights from this BBC Article: On average, a poet has a life-expectancy of only 62 Female poets are more likely to suffer from mental illness than any other type of writer Isn’t this grand? For more insights, visit the BBC [...]