NaNoWriMo: Five Tools for Week One

November 5, 2014

As you probably know, we’re on day five of the international craze known as National Novel Writing Month. Maybe you’ve been planning your project for months and have a neat accordion folder of outlines, research, and character profiles. Or perhaps you decided yesterday to sign up for [...]

Unusual Calls for Submissions: October Edition

October 9, 2014

October is here, which means a number of your favorite lit mags have opened submissions for the spooky, the strange, and the downright pumpkin-spiced. Have a look at this month’s most unusual calls for submissions. 1. The Pinch “Feast or Famine” Audio Contest (prose, deadline [...]

Fall Contests Redux (Prose Edition)

September 19, 2012

In case any of our readers of the prose-y persuasion were feeling left out by last week’s post on fall poetry contest deadlines, never fear. We’ve got you covered, too. A sampling of upcoming contests: Deadline October 1, 2012: Missouri Review: Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize [...]

In the Press

March 10, 2012

This February, TSHS members, Elly Bookman, read with fellow fiction writer, Jon Williams in Greensboro, NC.  Only their work could inspire such a poster. To read more of Bookman’s work, check out her prize winning poem “Another Thing I’d Rather Not Know About Myself” in The [...]