Bookstore Spotlight: City Lights (San Francisco, CA)

June 18, 2012

As part of our newest series, TSHS members have been traveling far and wide looking for must-see independent bookstores. Being in San Francisco, you’ll feel rewarded for your diligence as a writer.  The sidewalks are often paved with quotes from poets, words from ancient languages, and [...]

Bookstore Spotlights: A Cappella Books (Atlanta, GA)

June 11, 2012

For the academic off-season, Tate Street High Society members are on the move, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to discover some new bookstores! So before embarking for the West Coast, this contributor went to hit up the local bookstore in the Little Five Points neighborhood of [...]

Bookstore Spotlight: Tsunami Books (Eugene, OR)

May 15, 2011

 Tsunami Books in Eugene, Oregon In an age when the best-known independent bookstores (such as another Oregon spot, Powell’s Books) are often behemoth retail machines of their own, spots like Eugene’s Tsunami Books are a welcome reminder of the Real Thing. With a knowledgable staff [...]

Greensboro Indie Lit Fest

April 30, 2011

Huzzah for readings! This weekend was the Indie-Lit Fest in Greensboro, NC, hosted by UNC-G.  From their website: “Founded in 2007 as the Spring Southeastern Literary Magazine & Independent Press Festival, Indie-Lit Greensboro is is an annual event that honors North Carolina’s rich [...]

Fiddle the Escape Wheel (Tinkers by Paul Harding)

March 14, 2011

Paul Harding is doing something here structurally that is just about impossible to explain. The long lyrical passages and excerpts from a fictional eighteenth-century horologists’ manual (seriously!) are forceful, beautiful, and—against all odds—deeply and convincingly rooted in [...]