Bookstore Spotlights

Bookstore Spotlight: City Lights (San Francisco, CA)

June 18, 2012

As part of our newest series, TSHS members have been traveling far and wide looking for must-see independent bookstores. Being in San Francisco, you’ll feel rewarded for your diligence as a writer.  The sidewalks are often paved with quotes from poets, words from ancient languages, and [...]

Bookstore Spotlights: A Cappella Books (Atlanta, GA)

June 11, 2012

For the academic off-season, Tate Street High Society members are on the move, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to discover some new bookstores! So before embarking for the West Coast, this contributor went to hit up the local bookstore in the Little Five Points neighborhood of [...]

Bookstore Spotlight: Tsunami Books (Eugene, OR)

May 15, 2011

 Tsunami Books in Eugene, Oregon In an age when the best-known independent bookstores (such as another Oregon spot, Powell’s Books) are often behemoth retail machines of their own, spots like Eugene’s Tsunami Books are a welcome reminder of the Real Thing. With a knowledgable staff [...]