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Don’t Hold The Door

April 1, 2012

Adrienne Rich

We at Tate Street High Society apologize for our sporadic posts of late--it's thesis time in the MFA world, and many of our members are up to their neck in it. But we at Tate Street High Society are also poets, and feminists at that, so of course we have to take a moment to remember Adrienne Rich, who passed away this week at the age of 82. 




Bookstore Spotlight: Tsunami Books (Eugene, OR)

May 15, 2011

 Tsunami Books in Eugene, Oregon In an age when the best-known independent bookstores (such as another Oregon spot, Powell’s Books) are often behemoth retail machines of their own, spots like Eugene’s Tsunami Books are a welcome reminder of the Real Thing. With a knowledgable staff [...]

Having A Coke With You

May 5, 2011

A society member regurgitates this idea from Matthew Dickman, who shared it in a workshop last Spring. In any case, go forth to the one you love and leave a Coke on their doorstep, along with the text of this poem, and then hide in the bushes with a Coke of your own until that love of yours comes [...]

Write Into The Night! Daylight Savings Edition

March 13, 2011

Now that we’ve all sprung forward, we feel it’s time for another round of our favorite society function. So grab your inspirational source text (ours include the latest American Poetry Review and New Yorker issues with some Muriel Rukeyser thrown in for good measure) and don’t [...]

Jack Gilbert On Horseback Riding/Writing

February 21, 2011

From Jack Gilbert’s 2005 Interview with the Paris Review: “If I’m writing well it comes to an end with an almost-audible click. When I started out I wouldn’t write a poem until I knew the first line and the last line and what it was about and what would make it a success. I was a [...]

The Big Stage

February 1, 2011

Members of the TSHS & Co will be leaving Wednesday to attend the 2011 Conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (otherwise known as AWP) in our nation’s capitol. All the big names in contemporary poetry and fiction will be there, plus all the people like us who idolize [...]

Tight Pants

January 24, 2011

In lieu of the recent rise in popularity of “jeggings,” we refer to the New York poet Frank O’Hara for his philosophies on poetry as presented in “Personism: A Manifesto“ I’m not saying that I don’t have practically the most lofty ideas of anyone writing [...]

Woolf on Writers and Readers

December 1, 2010

Excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s famous essay, Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Brown: “In the course of your daily life this past week you have had far stranger and more interesting experiences than the one I have tried to describe. You have overheard scraps of talk that filled you with amazement. You [...]