In The Margins E12: Writing out of Silence

An Interview with Melissa Hansard, Founder, Women Writers of the Triad

E12 Guest: Founder Melissa Hassard

Melissa HassardIn this episode we speak with Melissa Hassard, partner and Director of Marketing of Sable Books, a publishing, design and consulting company that assists writers with publishing and marketing their work. She established Women Writers of the Triad in 2012, with the goal of building a gathering of women writers who support all writers. Through community programs, readings, and workshops, they offer opportunities for writers at all levels to write, create, express and grow in their craft.

Podcast Notes:

Women Writers of the Triad:

  • Audres Lorde’s quote: “Your silence will not protect you.”
  • Mission: “to support, encourage, and nurture each other while working to find our voice, and hone our craft.“
  • UNC Greensboro Communication Studies:

Writers Group of the Triad:

North Carolina Triad:

Tate Street Coffee House:


Commission on the Status of Women:

Sable Books:

Inspirational writers:

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