This Week’s Tweeted Writing Prompts (May 11-17)

Each day, we tweet fiction and poetry writing prompts to help writers loosen up and let loose. Get started with the prompts below! Follow us on twitter (@tatestreetorg) to be inspired daily, or subscribe to the blog to get a digest of the prompts every Sunday!


Monday: Take in the outside by crafting an old-fashioned idyll with the words, slippery, flute, suggest, ugly, plate.
Tuesday: Write a haiku set no less than ten years in the future.
Wednesday: Find lyrics in an instrumental piece that moves you.
Thursday: “My Milkshake Brings…”-Focus on the sensory details of a favourite beverage in this 12-line poem.
Friday: We’re practicing form by crafting an abecedarian poem about past romances.
Saturday:  Push your boundaries. Create a non-narrative prose poem without visual imagery.
Sunday: Beg, borrow, steal-Take a page from Sandra Beasley’s work with “Let Me Count the Waves”



Monday: Follow a character who is slowly transforming into someone or something more birdlike.
Tuesday: Write 100 words about the world inside your tea cup.
Wednesday:  Write a homonym-littered paragraph with 6 separate starter words (ex: to, ewe, hear, bough, their, time)
Thursday:  Imagine the world before Talkies. Write a scene in which people communicate without words.
Friday: Focus on growth this afternoon by drafting a paragraph where each sentence is longer its predecessor by one word.
Saturday: Write the first sentence to a short story about 3 brothers.
Sunday: Develop a short story in the style of a tax form. Any tax form, any story. Get creative!


How did it go this week? Which prompt was most generative? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below.

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