This Week’s Tweeted Writing Prompts (April 6 – 12)

Each day, we tweet fiction and poetry writing prompts to help writers loosen up and let loose. Get started with the prompts below! Follow us on twitter (@tatestreetorg) to be inspired daily, or subscribe to the blog to get a digest of the prompts every Sunday!


Monday: Swag: Give poetry some swag in a poem (10 lines).
Tuesday: Bigger Fish to Fry: Describe the imagery of a common idiom. 8 lines.
Wednesday: National Poetry Month: Write a poem that includes each of those words.
Thursday: It’s #AWP15! Write a poem set at a conference booth. Rhyming couplets.
Friday: It’s #AWP15! 3 Haikus about the hotel/writerly environment.
Saturday: It’s #AWP15! Use a word you heard today to spark a poetic litany.
Sunday: Flying home from #AWP15! A series of quatrains that tackle the concept of travel, leaving, or going.


Monday: A paragraph in which a child imagines a camping trip that never happened.
Tuesday: What would you do if you were invisible at your biggest work conference?
Wednesday: Write a scene where the main character is a computer game that is trying to beat the player.
Thursday: Write a sentence of 20 words, then GoogleTranslate that sentence 10 times.
Friday: Flashback to a scene in which a main character learns how to dance Carolina Shag (see video below).
Saturday: An introvert gets trapped in an elevator at [a Writing Conference] w/ a young writer who confuses him for a famous writer. The introvert pretends to be the famous writer.
Sunday: A scene in which two characters argue about whose memory it is.


How did it go this week? Which prompt was most generative? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below.

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