This Week’s Tweeted Writing Prompts (March 16 – March 22)

Each day, we tweet fiction and poetry writing prompts to help writers loosen up and let loose. Get started with the prompts below! Follow us on twitter (@tatestreetorg) to be inspired daily, or subscribe to the blog to get a digest of the prompts every Sunday!


Monday: Burglary! Find a favorite poem. Steal the first line. Finish.
Tuesday: Write a poem that features parents but that doesn’t discuss or address parenting.
Wednesday: Write a poem about bad writing advice.
Thursday: Write a poem that’s title is a question.
Friday: Write a poem about a leaking toilet.
Saturday: Inception! Write about a dream within a dream within a dream..within…(envelope quatrains)
Sunday: Reduction poem: start a poem with 10 words on the first line, and then 9 poems on the next line, 8 poems on the next line and so forth.


Monday: “Is this a spot?” Write a story about character who is obssessed about whether s/he is parked illegaly.
Tuesday: “Does it smell funny to you?” Write a story in which the characters are unknowingly breathing in carbon monoxide.
Wednesday: Have a character recognize familiar people by how they smell.
Thursday: The interrogative mood? Write a story about a college freshman in which every sentence is question?
Friday: Write a short story that features a positive divorce situation.
Saturday: Write a story about a character who discover that she’s never dreamt and in fact can’t.
Sunday: “This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel!” Write a story about a lovelorn character on a balcony yelling at people walking along the beach.

How did it go this week? Which prompt was most generative? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below.

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