Unusual Calls for Submissions: March Edition

Spring is almost here and with it a bunch of deadlines!


Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet “Humanity’s relationship with the earth” issue (all genres, March 31): “I hope we can squeeze some optimism in there, a little practicality. Aesthetic and tone will otherwise cleave as closely to that of a regular LCRW issue as I know how to make them. There will be short fiction, there will be poetry, there will nonfiction. If I’m very lucky there may be black and white artwork or even a comic. When you’re done reading, maybe you’ll be able to bury it, add water and grow perennial vegetables. Or a magic beanstalk. Who knows.”

Hobart “Baseball” issue (all genres, March 31): “Every April, we publish our annual baseball issue. We publish mostly fiction, in the 200-1,000 word range, though we also love really nonfiction (in that same word count range), and, okay, even poetry!”

Wraparound South “Food and the South” issue (all genres, April 1):”We seek poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and mixed-genre work with some reference or connection to food as well as the South. Whether that takes the form of an investigation into pot likker, a family around a table, or an ode to a meal you once had in Alabama, we’re interested. Note that the connection to food, as well as the South, is open to interpretation—like the geographical definition of southern, food-centered writing is a shifting landscape.”

Chautauqua “Americana” issue (all, genres, April 15): “We welcome work that  touches on the reality and ideals of the Americas, including but not limited to such matters as landscape and the environment, history and contemporary life, traditions and heritage, symbols and pageantry, immigration and assimilation, race and equality, patriotism and dissent, progress and industry, democracy and politics, society and culture, language and music. ”

Fictional International “Virus” Short Fiction Contest (flash fiction, April 22, $10 fee): “From biological entities to cultural memes to activist movements, viruses are everywhere. Submissions should be exactly 300 words (not including the title).”

a cappella zoo “Queer” issue (fiction + poetry, April 30): “Submissions should fit A cappella Zoo‘s general aesthetic, as well as feature an LGBT character and a focus of some kind on homosexual or trans experience, perspective, or exploration. Be creative.”

Monstrosities of the Midway: Literary Contest (all genres, May 31, $15 fee): “Step right up! We want to see mysteries, anomalies, and clashing energies. Bring your giant rats, conjoined twins, Fiji mermaids, bearded ladies, and civic dissidents. We invite any writing that complicates issues of performance and identity. Real and unreal. Exposed and concealed.”

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