This week, we asked you, our readers, to write a series of haiku that follows your commute to work or school during the day. We had a huge response to this prompt, see some of the responses below! #haikucommute

If you’re inspired, join the fun and write your own #haikucommute in the comments below or share on twitter with @TSHighSociety! 


‪Kat Barnes‪ (Chapel Hill, NC):

A hat collection ‬
‪All that we are is plugged in ‬
‪What is your Monday?‬ 


HaikuCommute by Kat Barnes

HaikuCommute by Kat Barnes

Will Brown (Clemson, SC):

Rain rain go away‬
‪Come again another day‬
‪My pants are now wet‬

‪Bus please don’t be late‬
‪I need a ride to campus‬
‪Wait, it came early?‬

‪I’ve no parking pass‬
‪I’ve no bus to pick me up‬
‪Time to start walking


‪Laura Windley‪ (Durham, NC):

Running late again‬
‪Someone ran a red light then‬
‪Pulled a Pittsburgh left‬

‪Slow down, everyone‬
‪We’re all going to get there‬
‪Regard our safety‬

‪Doesn’t matter here‬
‪Whether there’s a lane or not‬
‪Speed up and cut off‬

‪Construction zones a-‬
‪bound around cones, trucks, holes, two-‬
‪way down one way street


‪Nelle Cherry‪ (Fall River, MA):

Snow snow go away.‬
‪Please don’t come another day.‬
‪You are unwelcome.‬

‪Blankets and coffee.‬
‪Forever pajama day.‬
‪Avoiding windows!‬

‪Movie marathon‬
‪Harry Potter, furry friend.‬
‪Infinite coffee.


‪Mike Legenthal‪ (Boston, MA):

*Where* are my slippers?‬
‪At last! Coffee’s in my mug‬
‪And my butt’s on the couch. ‬

‪(It’s good to work from home during the day)


‪Kealy Devoy (Boulder, CO) :

Digging up the street;‬
‪can’t get out of the driveway;‬
‪going to be late.‬

‪Double left turn lanes‬
‪are fun, but this isn’t one.‬
‪Oh, he doesn’t care.‬

‪Sun shining on the‬
‪Flatirons so perfectly;‬
‪great things lie ahead.


‪Miranda Propst‪ (NC):

Recent graduate.‬
‪Interview is in a week.‬


‪Michael Quisao‪ (Washington, DC)

Running up a hill‬
‪54 or an S bus?‬
‪Makes no difference though. ‬

‪Yellow line, cold seat‬
‪My neighbor smells like armpit‬
‪Cross the Potomac! ‬

‪Flash my ID card‬
‪Escalate at Pentagon‬
‪Get lost at least twice


‪Kat Barnes‪ (Chapel Hill, NC):

My favorite thing is‬
‪Looking out across the lake‬
‪In my window seat

Red, yellow and blue‬
‪Striking beauty in the clouds‬
‪Beneath it, dreary.‬ 


SWA Commute by Kat Barnes

SWA Commute by Kat Barnes


‪Molly McGowan Gorsuch‪ (Hendersonville, NC):

Left the Sunshine State‬
‪five years past; I’m still flanked by‬
‪Florida drivers.

Caution is okay
on roads wet from the drizzle.
Ten under is not.


‪Tim Jewett (‪Durham, NC):

Roll out of my bed‬
‪Get some breakfast before work‬
‪Then go back upstairs


‪Kirk Eisenbeis‪ (NC):

What was a Mini jump,‬
‪The Man is changing to a‬
‪common underpass


‪Sarah White‪ (Durham, NC):

The sun isn’t up.‬
Monday: Smooth drive, slight traffic. ‬
Breakfast? Coffee? Sigh…

About the Author: Abigail Browning

aba-city-lights-poet-picAbigail Browning, Founder and Managing Editor, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, received her MFA in Poetry at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Abigail has poems either published or forthcoming in the Yemassee Journal OnlineThe Greensboro Review, Linebreakand RHINO Poetry. In addition, she was honored to receive the Amon Liner Poetry Award, the Noel Callow/Academy of American Poets’ Prize, and was a finalist for the Linda Flowers NC Arts Prize. She also has a passion for jazz music and dance, and teaches swing-era dances in her free time: www.abigailbrowning.com. Currently, she is studying Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media as a PhD at NC State in Raleigh, NC.

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