This week, we asked you, our readers, to write a series of haiku that follows your commute to work or school during the day. We had a huge response to this prompt, see some of the responses below! #haikucommute

If you’re inspired, join the fun and write your own #haikucommute in the comments below or share on twitter with @TSHighSociety! 


‪Kat Barnes‪ (Chapel Hill, NC):

A hat collection ‬
‪All that we are is plugged in ‬
‪What is your Monday?‬ 


HaikuCommute by Kat Barnes

HaikuCommute by Kat Barnes

Will Brown (Clemson, SC):

Rain rain go away‬
‪Come again another day‬
‪My pants are now wet‬

‪Bus please don’t be late‬
‪I need a ride to campus‬
‪Wait, it came early?‬

‪I’ve no parking pass‬
‪I’ve no bus to pick me up‬
‪Time to start walking


‪Laura Windley‪ (Durham, NC):

Running late again‬
‪Someone ran a red light then‬
‪Pulled a Pittsburgh left‬

‪Slow down, everyone‬
‪We’re all going to get there‬
‪Regard our safety‬

‪Doesn’t matter here‬
‪Whether there’s a lane or not‬
‪Speed up and cut off‬

‪Construction zones a-‬
‪bound around cones, trucks, holes, two-‬
‪way down one way street


‪Nelle Cherry‪ (Fall River, MA):

Snow snow go away.‬
‪Please don’t come another day.‬
‪You are unwelcome.‬

‪Blankets and coffee.‬
‪Forever pajama day.‬
‪Avoiding windows!‬

‪Movie marathon‬
‪Harry Potter, furry friend.‬
‪Infinite coffee.


‪Mike Legenthal‪ (Boston, MA):

*Where* are my slippers?‬
‪At last! Coffee’s in my mug‬
‪And my butt’s on the couch. ‬

‪(It’s good to work from home during the day)


‪Kealy Devoy (Boulder, CO) :

Digging up the street;‬
‪can’t get out of the driveway;‬
‪going to be late.‬

‪Double left turn lanes‬
‪are fun, but this isn’t one.‬
‪Oh, he doesn’t care.‬

‪Sun shining on the‬
‪Flatirons so perfectly;‬
‪great things lie ahead.


‪Miranda Propst‪ (NC):

Recent graduate.‬
‪Interview is in a week.‬


‪Michael Quisao‪ (Washington, DC)

Running up a hill‬
‪54 or an S bus?‬
‪Makes no difference though. ‬

‪Yellow line, cold seat‬
‪My neighbor smells like armpit‬
‪Cross the Potomac! ‬

‪Flash my ID card‬
‪Escalate at Pentagon‬
‪Get lost at least twice


‪Kat Barnes‪ (Chapel Hill, NC):

My favorite thing is‬
‪Looking out across the lake‬
‪In my window seat

Red, yellow and blue‬
‪Striking beauty in the clouds‬
‪Beneath it, dreary.‬ 


SWA Commute by Kat Barnes

SWA Commute by Kat Barnes


‪Molly McGowan Gorsuch‪ (Hendersonville, NC):

Left the Sunshine State‬
‪five years past; I’m still flanked by‬
‪Florida drivers.

Caution is okay
on roads wet from the drizzle.
Ten under is not.


‪Tim Jewett (‪Durham, NC):

Roll out of my bed‬
‪Get some breakfast before work‬
‪Then go back upstairs


‪Kirk Eisenbeis‪ (NC):

What was a Mini jump,‬
‪The Man is changing to a‬
‪common underpass


‪Sarah White‪ (Durham, NC):

The sun isn’t up.‬
Monday: Smooth drive, slight traffic. ‬
Breakfast? Coffee? Sigh…

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