Unusual Calls for Submissions: February Edition

The groundhog saw his shadow, so keep submitting your work!


Temenos “Paradigm Shift” Edition (all genres, February 21): “We are looking for the best selections of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art that confront the contradictory facets of nature—whether they occur in the unexplored wilds of the natural world or within the human experience.”

Diana Woods Memorial Award for Creative Nonfiction (nonfiction, February 28): “Creative nonfiction authors are invited to submit an essay of up to 5,000 words on the subject of their choice. Winners will receive $250 and their work will be featured in the next issue of Lunch Ticket. All entries will be considered for publication.”

The Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multi-Lingual Texts (all genres, February 28): “The winner will receive $200, and the winning piece will be published alongside 2 semi-finalists, all selected by a guest judge, in the upcoming issue of Lunch Ticket. All entries will be considered for publication.”

Kudzu Review “Feral Lands, Feral Selves” Issue (all genres, March 1): “Feral animals are descended from domesticated species that are living in the wild. Feral animals disrupt ecology, even as they return to a wilder ‘nature.’ We want submissions that look at the domestic from wild spaces, places, and perspectives. We’d like to see the mundane made extraordinary. The theme is intentionally vague, so run with it!”

Annual BrainStorm Poetry Contest (poetry, March 13, $12/15 fee): “The contest is open to poets worldwide who have personally experienced mental health issues or mental illness (‘consumer/survivors’ or ‘people with lived experience’). In each of the last 12 years our judges we have been moved and impressed by the poetry that our contest brings in, and we look forward to seeing what works arrive this year.”

Pentimento Magazine (all genres, March 31): “We accept essays and fiction concerning disability by two groups: individuals with a disability and those who are part of the disability community, such as a family member, caregiver, special educator, etc.”

Witness “Spectacle” Issue (all genres, March 31): “Bring us spectacle. Pageantry, ceremony, and circus. Things seeing and things seen. Show us bodies, objects, and towns on display. Startle us. Or show us the subtle spectacle in the everyday. Make intimate and extravagant the private; bring the spectacular to the mundane.”

Neon‘s Battery Pack II (fiction, April 15): “Battery Pack II will be a tiny (smaller than palm-sized and with only eight pages) anthology of short stories, made from a single folded sheet of paper. It will be given away for free with the summer issue of Neon, as well as being available for readers anywhere in the world to download, print and fold their own copy.”

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