Unusual Calls for Submissions: January Edition

Is “submit more” one of your resolutions for 2015? Consider one of the following!



Asheville Poetry Review 2015 William Matthews Poetry Prize (poetry, January 15, $20 entry fee): “First Prize is $1,000, publication in Asheville Poetry Review, and a featured reading in Asheville.”

Unterberg Poetry Center “Discovery”/Boston Review Poetry Prizes (poetry, deadline January 23, $12 entry fee): “The “Discovery” Poetry Contest is designed to attract large audiences to poets who have not yet published a full-length book. Four winners are awarded a reading at 92Y, publication in Boston Review and $500 each.”

Imagine Little Tokyo Story Contest (fiction, deadline January 31): “The story must be original, fictional, written in either Japanese or English by the submitting author and never been published (even online). The setting of the story should be in Little Tokyo [Los Angeles] – either past, present or future.”

Bellevue Review “Embattled: The Ramifications of War” Issue (all genres, deadline February 1): “The BLR seeks poetry and prose of the highest caliber that deal with the experiences and varied perspectives of war, touching upon issues of the human body, health and healing. As always, we encourage creative interpretation of these themes. Primarily, we are looking for fresh writing that illuminates some aspect of humanity and human experience.”

The Fiction Desk 2015 Ghost Story Competition (fiction, deadline February 28, $12 entry fee): “‘Ghost story’ can mean a lot of different things, from an encounter with an actual phantom to more unusual paranormal phenomena and unexplained events. All types are welcome, so feel free to experiment: we’re very unlikely to disqualify a story for stretching the definition of a ‘ghost.’ Keep in mind that our general readership (and by extension our judge) may be more likely to respond well to psychological chills and unexplained mysteries than in-your-face gore.”

Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award (all genres, deadline February 28, $25 entry fee): “This competition is open to vignettes in English (poetry and/or prose), written by authors anywhere in the world. Individual pieces in a manuscript may have been previously published in magazines, print or web journals, or anthologies, but the work as a whole must be unpublished (this includes previously self-published books.)”

Unlikely Story “Unlikely Academia” Issue (fiction, deadline March 1): “For this issue, rather than limiting ourselves to one specialized field of study, we’re looking for stories about the act of studying and learning itself. This could be anything from stories set in unusual schools like Hogwarts, Brakebills, and the Unseen University, to stories focusing on the students and faculty of unorthodox majors like Decision Sciences, Theme Park Engineering, and Bowling Industry Management and Technology (these are all real majors offered by real universities), to tales of researchers digging deep into forbidden tomes, to fictionalized scholarly articles on the Ethics of Motorcycle Taming or the Alternate History of Space Flight in the Mongol Empire.”

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