This Week’s Tweeted Writing Prompts (December 1 – 6)

Each day, we tweet fiction and poetry writing prompts to help writers loosen up and let loose. This last week’s theme was creative strategies for revision. So open up that story or poem and make something new! Follow us on twitter (@TSHighSociety) to be inspired daily, or subscribe to the blog to get a digest of the prompts every Sunday!

Poetry Writing Prompts

  • Monday: Revision = math. Revise a poem by cutting the number of lines by 70% or 7/10ths or 14/20ths or 28/40ths or 56/80ths.
  • Tuesday: Revision by collision. Take two of your poems and throw ’em together. Each line should contain parts of each poem.
  • Wednesday: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Revise a poem by transcribing it from memory.
  • Thursday: Keep it simple, Stuart! Rewrite a poem to make it as plain and accessible as possible.
  • Friday: “Do what now?” Revise a poem by turning every statement into a question.


Fiction Writing Prompts

  • Monday: Zeno’s paradox! Revise a story by rewriting it in half as many sentences. Then cut that number in half again. And again.
  • Tuesday: Revision by addition! Add a paragraph to a story. Narrate from a secondary character. (Bonus: Character is an animal.)
  • Wednesday: Shake it like a polaroid picture! Rewrite story w/ 3rd-person objective narrator. You know, like a camera.
  • Thursday: Orthogonal! Armamentarium! Sociopolitical! Utilize! Rewrite your story in scientific jargon (or a dialect unbefitting).
  • Friday: “I confess I do not believe in time.” Revise a story by bustin’ up the chronology.


How did it go this week? Which prompt was most generative? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below.

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