Postmodern Poetry

Since August, every Friday, the Huffington Post has created a poetry based on an aggregation of the most recent headlines.  The outcome is surprising and often hilarious and/or disturbing.  Is it poetry? Is it madness? Is it just fun? Found Poet Juli Weiner on October 5th writes:

Scalia on “Sodomy”
Naomi Wolf’s Book Shows Women: Your Vagina Deserves a Riot
Lots of Sex
How Bad Is It to Crack Your Neck?
WATCH: 14 Centuries Later, Lady Snake Lord Emerges
Daryl Hannah Arrested

Sukkot 2012
How To Unleash The Magnificent, Unstoppable Energy Inside You

Creed Singer: T.I. Saved My Life, Literally
Robot Party!

That last line just kills us.

2 Comments on Postmodern Poetry

  1. This is flat-out awesome.

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