When Spelling Goes Wrong

You get dramatic readings.

In this case, a 14-year old gamer named William (aka Axman13) passionately displays his affinity for the highest form of rhetoric. His review of the flash game “Press Space Bar to Win” or PSBW marks the ubiquitous decline of spelling and grammar on the internet…and leads to comedy of the highest order.  The game itself is a parody of other popular RPGs and online games, in which the player only has to hit the space bar, literally, to win. Apparently Axman13 didn’t get the joke, but sometimes the world produces wonderful mistakes. William’s brand of English will make you rethink the text messages you get from friends, and emails that you send.

Enjoy the dramatic reading by Deven Mack, animated by graphic designer, Mick Lauer.

2 Comments on When Spelling Goes Wrong

  1. This is fabulous. Thank you for sharing!

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