Fall Contest Time (Poetry Edition)

Ah, the smell of wood fires and the crackle of leaves under foot! Along with the sounds and smells of fall, come the fall poetry contests.  With the return of many colleges and universities to session, they bring with them new places to showcase your writing.  While most contests charge a fee (usually $10-$20), they offer the gifts of fiscal rewards and publishing glory.

Some contests you might consider:

  1. Deadline October 1, 2012: Missouri Review: Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize in Poetry
  2. Deadline October 1, 2012:  RHINO: Founders’ Prize in Poetry
  3. Deadline October 31, 2012:  North American Review: James Hearst Poetry Prize
  4. Deadline November 1, 2012:  Mid-American Review: The James Wright Poetry Award
  5. Deadline November 1, 2012: Sycamore Review: The Wabash Prize for Poetry
  6. Deadline November 15, 2012: Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize (for First Book)

Cast a big net! Try and get the biggest fish.  Don’t forget: You can always search for open markets on Duotrope too.

About the Author: Abigail Browning

aba-city-lights-poet-picAbigail Browning, Founder and Managing Editor, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, received her MFA in Poetry at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Abigail has poems either published or forthcoming in the Yemassee Journal OnlineThe Greensboro Review, Linebreakand RHINO Poetry. In addition, she was honored to receive the Amon Liner Poetry Award, the Noel Callow/Academy of American Poets’ Prize, and was a finalist for the Linda Flowers NC Arts Prize. She also has a passion for jazz music and dance, and teaches swing-era dances in her free time: www.abigailbrowning.com. Currently, she is studying Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media as a PhD at NC State in Raleigh, NC.

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