Comma, Errors

Comma Chameleon If you can make it through reading all of the comma errors in How Stuff Works’ article “10 Completely Wrong Ways to Use Commas,” we’ll give you a gold star.  TSHS has one small quibble with this grammar article. In theory, number 6 is correctly cited as an error: 

Wrong: Many men want to be the spy, James Bond.
Why: There’s a comma between a noun and its restrictive form of identification.
Right: Many men want to be the spy James Bond.

However, if in dialogue, the comma could be acceptable as it suggests a distinct pause or shift. For example:

Dr. Julius No laughed. “Many men want to be the spy, James Bond.”

“Of course,” Bond said and winked at Dr. No’s attractive and intelligent assistant Miss Taro.

In our case, the comma would be read completely differently–in that “James Bond” would be an address, as opposed to a “restrictive form of identification.” I suppose, then, it comes down to how one reads a sentence.  I’m sure 007 would agree.  Because we’re High Society, Tate Street High Society.

Bond looking suave from Dr. No in 1962

4 Comments on Comma, Errors

  1. Your use of Sean Connery was very effective here.

  2. True, though such a dandy topic… 🙂

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