Grammar and Dating

One of the TSHS members recently mentioned that grammar was a date deal breaker.  How do we get through the world today with all of the poor grammar?  With colorful comics and sarcastic wonders from places like Hyperbole and a Half.

If you are dating a writer, you don’t have to buy a copy of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style before the first date.  But please, do learn the correct usage of the following:

  1. There, their, and they’re. — There she is!  Their dog is scary.  They’re running away!
  2. Pronouns: “me and my second cousins from Louisiana did this” kills a poor little fairy each time you say it.
  3. “A lot” is not spelled Alot.  Unless, of course, you’re talking about the mystical Alots. Below is an excerpt, but you can read more about the them on Hyperbole and a Half:
The Alot is an imaginary creature that I [Allie from Hyperbole and a Half] made up to help me deal with my compulsive need to correct other people’s grammar.  It kind of looks like a cross between a bear, a yak and a pug, and it has provided hours of entertainment for me in a situation where I’d normally be left feeling angry and disillusioned with the world.

For example, when I read the sentence “I care about this alot,” this is what I imagine:

In short, grammar is a good thing to know.  Also, you should probably start memorizing all of Scrabble’s two-letter words if you really want to impress this writer you’re dating. For any other dating or grammar questions, feel free to message any of our TSHS specialists.

2 Comments on Grammar and Dating

  1. Grammar is definitely a deal breaker! I have deleted emails on dating sites purely based on poor grammar and the over use of “lol”

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