One Night Café: Edgar Alley Poetry Reading

For one evening only, the Tate Street High Society met in Edgar Alley for One-Night Café: a sharing of poems. We brought out a smattering of our favorite books for candle-lit reading.  Here is a list of the poems that were read, some accompanied by quotes from the poems themselves:

Old Love by Patrick Phillips (via the latest American Poetry Review)
“Though never, since,/have I not been/A darkening wood/she walks through”

Jet by Tony Hoagland

The Poet at Seventeen
by Larry Levis
“And then the first ice hung like spider lattices/Or the embroideries of Great Aunt No One,”

A Red Palm by Gary Soto

Connect by Bob Hicok

Infinitive Ode by Dean Young
“One must have a mind of many breezes/to fly a kite”

Pocket by Matthew Zapruder

When Loving a Man Becomes Too Hard by Gary Jackson

The Beatles by Dorianne Laux

Smoke under the Bale by Vievee Francis

Passing the Barnyard Graveyard by Sonia Greenfield

Young Wife’s Lament by Brigit Pegeen Kelley

On the Night of the First Snow, Thinking About Tennessee by Charles Wright

American by Ira Sadoff

Muchness by Tony Hoagland

Men by Lydia Davis

Had I Not Been Awake by Seamus Heaney

Letter to a Lover by Matthew Zapruder

Poem by Matthew Zapruder

The Couple by Tomas Transtromer (translation by Robin Fulton)

Allegro by Tomas Transtromer (translation by Robin Fulton)

Sean Penn Anti-Ode by Dean Young

Ode to Hangover
by Dean Young
“Alas, I feel like /something spit out by a duck, a duck/other ducks are ashamed of”

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