Greensboro Indie Lit Fest

Huzzah for readings!

This weekend was the Indie-Lit Fest in Greensboro, NC, hosted by UNC-G.  From their website:

“Founded in 2007 as the Spring Southeastern Literary Magazine & Independent Press Festival, Indie-Lit Greensboro is is an annual event that honors North Carolina’s rich literary heritage and brings some of America’s finest editors & writers to our state.”

Take a look: Keynote poet David Rivard’s poem “Otherwise Elsewhere” was published in the American Poetry Review, along with this recent article about Steve Orlen.  Rivard is the author of five books of poetry: Otherwise, Elsewhere (Graywolf, 2011), Sugartown (Graywolf, 2006), Bewitched Playground (Graywolf, 2000), Wise Poison (Graywolf, 1996), and Torque (Pitt, 1988).

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