There’s nothing like a good article to stimulate “prewriting” (or at least give you something to bring up at dinner with your in-laws).  The Anniversary Issue (February 14 & 21) of The New Yorker stood out to us as particularly full of great investigative journalism, contemporary poetry, and humor. Here’s a list of our favorite reads:

Click on Eustace to read about his story Confessions of a Juggler
Motherhood and show biz after forty.
by Tina Fey

The Order of Things
The problem with college rankings.
by Malcolm Gladwell

Middlemarch and Me
What George Eliot teaches us.
by Rebecca Mead

The Apostate
A former Scientologist speaks out.
by Lawrence Wright

“The Other Place”
a short story by Mary Gaitskill


by Ellen Bryant Voigt

“The Rhythms Pronounce Themselves Then Vanish”
by Dean Young

by Richard Wilbur

Hop on over to read , if not all of these, many free articles from the newest issue online.

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