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The Artists’ Predicament

Americans, in particular, are eager to marry one’s identity with her profession or job, and seem to prefer thinking of any pursuit outside of one’s job as a hobby. The writer dreams that eventually, though it may take years, she will break through and be able to support herself as a writer. But even if this doesn’t happen, she is not less of a writer and would never identify her pursuit as a hobby. Keep in mind: Toni Morrison worked at Howard University and was raising two kids when she wrote The Bluest Eye. [...]

Tate Street Podcast

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    In this episode we speak with Jeffrey Lependorf, Community of Literary Magazines and Presses' Executive Director. A service organization to independent literary publishers of exceptional fiction, poetry and prose, CMLP provides guidance on the backstage work of American literature. Join us as we learn about the organization, trends in the industry, guidance on submitting your writing and more. [...]

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